So it begins

There are many, my husband included, that believes it is a forbidden act to do anything Christamsish until after Thanksgiving. That said I quietly respect his wishes and put the tree up on the Friday after Thanksgiving and keep all decorations in their storage bins waiting to come out.

The one exception to this rule is music. I LOVE Christmas music..all of it. Since I listen to music most often when Bret is not around (ie at work and in my car) I can start it when I please. I remember one year I was driving to work the week before Thanksgiving and I almost yelled out loud I was so happy to hear that they had begun their Christmas music all the time early that year.

So today during lunch I was watching Grey's Anatomy and during parts of it they played some Christmas music. Well, that was all it took for me. I have created my Pandora station to play Christmas music starting this afternoon and it will probably play until I leave to have a baby (yes that would be after Christmas even).

For me the music is more than the season it celebrates. It is the memories that stirs with each song. I remember family holidays, fun times with my children, memories from when I was a child. For example everytime I hear Blue Christmas by Elvis I remember Bret. When we were first dating we were in the hot tub at my parents' house and it was snowing outside. For some crazy reason Bret and I started singing Christmas songs together. I remember that when he sang Blue Christmas I loved how much he got into the Elvis thing.

When I hear Oh Holy Night I think of my grandmother. No matter how many times she heard that song over the course of her life she always cried. I always cry too. These days seeing me cry is not an unusual occurrence. I cried during Glee the other night and it wasn't even that sad. The hormones see to be getting increasingly worse.

So if one you happens to walk by my office and see me listening to Christmas music with a tissue dabbing my swollen eyes...please just keep walking..I'm fine.

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