Past Turkey

Although there was lots of food and lots to be thankful for it just didn't feel like Thanksgiving this year.

Bret worked all day and I cooked all day. The kids and I made a trip into the hospital to have lunch with Bret and he got home about 7:30 and we enjoyed a fantastic dinner (made by yours truly). After dinner was had and dishes were done we were all feeling pretty wiped out and went to be early. Nothing too exciting.

It was just a quiet day and evening and it felt no different than any other day when Bret was working and I was home with the kids. Maybe because Bret and I are used to large family gatherings it felt very very strange. I have learned that if Bret works this holiday again I will definitely be putting more effort into inviting other people over for dinner. I learned that if I'm going to spend all that time cooking and there are is more than enough it is better to have people to share it all with.

Black Friday was pretty uneventful for me this year. I got everything I wanted and the only thing really different this year was how long it took me to recover that day. Let's just say that I was very thankful for the kids being content watching videos for most of the day as mommy laid on the couch and doze in and out. The good news is that I am well on way towards being done with my Christmas shopping.

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