What a 5 year old is Thankful For

One of the Thanksgiving projects that Emily worked on at school was a "thankful" place mat. There were five spots on the place mat where the kids were to fill in what they were thankful for. Here is Emily's 5:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • God
  • Helping Hands
  • The Refrigerator

When Bret was reading it he said the refrigerator out loud and kind of chuckled. Emily immediately launched into her reasoning. "Dad, if we didn't have a refrigerator how would we keep anything cold?" We could tell from her tone and immediate response that this last item to be thankful for had a lot of thought put into it. I would have loved to see what some of her classmates had written.

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LegalMist said...

Oh, that is so adorable. And she is absolutely right. We take for granted so many of the technological marvels that make our lives easier and more pleasant. I don't think it's materialistic or wrong to be thankful for them! I think it's great that she recognizes how lucky she is to have such things!!

But I would have chuckled, too. :)