Time & Motivation

There is nothing that I love more than giving people gift's that I have made myself. Recently some of my most favorite idea and craft blogs have been featuring a ton of Christmas gift tutorials and ideas. There are so many things that I see and think "hey I could make that" and I can usually think of a few people in my life who would love it too.

The problem always comes down to two things. First is the time. Evenings are not like they used to be. We have piano lessons, soccer practice, Bret stays late at least one day a week, and other activities that demand time and attention. Weekends are full with everything else. By the time dinner is done and the kids are bathed and in bed I am beat. I keep hoping for just a tiny bit of energy so that I can work on something fun but the temptation to sit on the couch and watch Bret play video games or watch a movie or lay in bed and read is so overwhelming that my unfinished projects lay untouched.

Which leads to the second problem, motivation. I don't know why I do it but getting something started is so hard for me to do. I never have a problem finishing an activity since I am usually pretty excited to see how it turns out and better yet to actually give the project to someone (if it's a gift).

So here I sit looking over countless ideas and still thinking about how much fun I would have picking out fabric and how much so and so would just LOVE that gift and think to myself. Hmmm, maybe I will just support the other moms out there that are doing it already. That way I feel good about supporting another mom and I still get the handmade gift. My most recent obsession has been diaper bags.

Of course knowing me I can't just look for a handmade diaper bag...no of course not. I want the bag with all of the fun accessories that match. I mean if you are going to go handmade then what's the point if not to get a nursing cover with bag, diaper cloths, blanket, wipe cover, diaper clutch, changing pad, and one of those key chain wrist things that all have the same fabric? So I have been pouring over sites and of course Etsy to pick out my favorites. What's funny is that so far I have found sets with some of the things not all so I will continue to look. I figure since I'm not buying much this time around for baby I might as well splurge on something I will use all the time.

Since I have accepted that I will probably not be making my own set anytime soon I can now go look for someone else to make it for me :)

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Killlashandra said...

WAH! I totally agree with time. I think the same thing too but unless I get some magical week off of work I don't know how to make half the things I think people will like. ;)