Say Boo!

Our family has always dressed up for Halloween. Sometimes it's nothing more than putting on scrubs, white coat, scrub hat, etc but you get the idea...we still dress up.

The year I was pregnant with Palmer I took the easy route and dressed like a doctor. What can I say? It was super comfy. This year I am trying to come up with something more creative and fun.

My belly is not HUGE but you can tell I am pregnant and so I am brainstorming ideas. It has to be family appropriate b/c we take our kids trick or treating but otherwise I'm pretty open. I'm not real crazy about the idea of painting my belly becuase 1) it's cold and 2) my belly is not that pretty.

So here are some of the ideas that I have come up with. Let me know if you have other ideas or which idea you like best.

* Pregnant Nurse & Doctor
* Angel & Devil
* Shot gun wedding couple (It might be funnier if I am the overweight groom and Bret is the pregnant bride)
* Pauly & Juno (who wouldn't want to see Bret in some AWESOME track shorts?)
* Pregnant cheerleader & football player (and since we love Glee of course we would be Quinn & Finn)
* Magic eight ball (I like this idea but am not sure what Bret would be)


Stephanie said...

As a HUGE fan of Glee, I say go as the pregnant cheerleader and football player. Sounds like a lot of fun. 2nd choice is the groom (you) and bride (Bret) of the shotgun wedding.

ScotchTapedPrincess said...

What about as a little old man with a pot-belly and Dr. Heskett can be a little old lady with a hunchback? Sounds cute to me! :)