I just want breakfast!

It's Thursday and we didn't get groceries this week. Top that with the fact that I was running late this morning it means that I didn't pack anything to take to work for my breakfast. Seeing as how I'm trying to grow a human being these days I am starving by the time I get to work.

The school that I work at does not take credit cards on campus. ANYWHERE. Instead you can have money put on your school ID and use it as a declining balance card. Problem...I lost my ID several months ago and never got it replaced. Last time I was stuck in this situation I had talked to Student Accounts and they just charged my credit card to the account number. I took my ID number with me to the cafe and whala...I got food. Score!

This morning, however, the same person who let me do this a week or so ago tells me that she can't help me because they have to have the actual ID. This was of course after I could smell my everything bagel that was toasted and waiting for me. I explained that I lost it and that I just hadn't gotten it replaced yet and she continues to lecture me on how I said this before a long time ago and I just need to get it taken care of. I told her that I didn't have a lot of time to run all the way across campus to public safety and she looked at me like I was insane. I think at that point she finally realized that I was staff but by that time I was done and left...without the bagel they were holding hostage.

I went to public safety (b/c again I'm pregnant and starving) and got my new ID. I asked if it needed time to activate and was told no it was ready to go. I go back to the cafe and another person gets me a new bagel (cause I guess the old one was thrown away) and when she rings me up she tells me there is no money on my account (which I know is not true cause I checked before I started this whole ordeal). Again I left...without my bagel.

I get back to my office still hungry and student accounts calls to ask for help with a student. I mention my ordeal with the new ID and she checks and says there is no reason why my account shouldn't be working. I laugh and tell her to forget it and next thing I know she is walking over to the cafe with me. Again I was told that there was no money on my account. The student accounts person walks back to the food management office and that person calls the girl and walks her through it. Not sure what happened that time around but it worked.

I am thrilled that I can now go get my food when the food services manager asks me why I didn't already have the food with me. Long story short but when they found out that I was turned away without my bagel 3 times they were not happy. I'm staff, it's a small school, service excellence, not to mention it was like $1.50 that we were talking about. You get the idea.

I'm just glad I got a fresh toasted bagel with cream cheese. I was starving.

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Former Fat Chick said...

did you cry? that waht I do in this types of situations and they usually just give me what I want, it has been working for about 37 years now.