First off...I got a new car! I am soo excited and totally in love. In fact I am more excited than I am worried about whether or not we are going to be able to afford it. I got a Dodge Journey. It is perfect and did I mention that I love it?

Things have been going really well lately. I couldn't ask for a smoother pregnancy (I've only gained 8 lbs...who can complain about that?), work is going fine, drama with my family has been at a minimum, and Bret & I have been getting along really great.

Sometimes when I look around and realize how well things are going I have to stop myself from worrying about the other shoe dropping. I tend to do that...you know worry about what might happen to make things not so great anymore. I try really hard not to let it take away from the happiness of living in the now but it's a mental exercise that I consciously have to execute.

So today I have chosen to smile instead. I saw my friend this morning and we waved and smiled at each other as I was leaving for work. She is a week past her due date today and she smiled at me. So when I get the urge to worry about what "might" happen I plan to think of her and smile.


FRANNIE said...

Congrats on the new car!!

Killlashandra said...

Smiles for the day sound like a great idea. It's raining over here and boy do we need to smile more.

Congrats on the new car and the smooth pregnancy. :)