Vroom Vroom

One thing in life that I could really care less about is the car that I drive. As long as it is reliable, in reasonably good shape (aka not an eye sore), then I am pretty much good to go. I have had only 3 cars in my entire life and none of which did I ever go and purchase for myself. I did test drive the last car that we bought but that was about it. My dad bought the first two (OK so the first one was actually his that he gave to me) and the last one Bret went and bought.

As the bill payer in our family I am always more worried about whether or not we can afford it. So when it comes time to buying a new vehicle I sit down and punch the numbers. I figure out the monthly payment we can afford, contact the insurance company too see what the difference might be there, and figure out how much out of pocket we have (to pay for tags, taxes, etc). Then I look to see if financing at our credit union or bank is a better deal and if so I work with them to secure the loan. I then give Bret a bottom line number of what we can afford for the monthly payment.

Bret then goes online and researches what type of car we can afford and fits our needs. We have then gone and test drove it if it was for me. If the new vehicle is for Bret then he goes and test drives it himself. The next time I get involved is when he calls to give me updates and when he asks me to come sign the paperwork. I wouldn't change our arrangement for the world.

I have no desire to wheel and deal with car dealerships. When we lived in KS we were lucky that our closest friend sold cars. I trust Bret completely and knock on wood we have never had a problem.

The car that I drive now is a 2002 Saturn L200. I love that little car. It get great gas mileage and we have not had a single problem with it since we bought it. It's perfect except one thing....only two car seats will fit in the backseat. Realizing a third car seat will be required in just a few short months we have been faced with the reality of needing a bigger vehicle. So we have been shopping for a new vehicle for the past few months.

Money is still definitely an issue for us. Knowing that my income level will be different after the baby (whether from paying for more daycare or working part time from home) which makes our new household budget a little unknown. We have been going back and forth on a mini van or the new crossover vehicles. I have to say that I LOVE the crossovers. They are not quite as big as a van but with our young children they are actually quite perfect. I was a little surprised at how expensive the vans were even used.

Now that the research, budgeting, and financing are done now comes the part where Bret goes shopping. I'm not sure what it is about guys and buying cars but it's the one thing Bret could shop for all day. Seeing as he has today and tomorrow pretty much off I bet you can guess what he is out doing. It always makes me a little nervous when we make a major purchase. There is a lot of security in knowing what our budget it and adding money to our monthly bills always makes me uneasy. On the other hand I am super excited. Maybe after mommy gets a new car Palmer will be just as excited to ride in mommy's car as he is to ride in daddy's truck. Although probably not since it's not a truck. :)


Angel said...

So I am not a minivan type of gal at all but I will say Mateo's dad got the Honda minivan and it is awesome. We have borrowed it and it is just so nice having the space and it is pretty pimp for a minivan.

Ring me sometime girl, it has been forever since we chatted.

FRANNIE said...

I have to say, I love my minivan. It's eight years old and there's only one kid left at home but it still rocks!