Lookin good

Yesterday Emily had her 5 year old well visit. Yes, her birthday was back in October but some how a few years ago her well visit got pushed back a few months and in order to keep her shots time frame OK we now have her annual visits in October.

Emily is a tiny girl. Not super short but super skinny. I was not surprised at all when the doctor said that Emily now weighs 30 lbs. Palmer weighs more than that. She is just tiny and will probably be tiny her whole life. She eats. She is not a picky eater in fact Emily is usually open to try anything at least once and there are less than a handful of things she "doesn't like" and even those things she will usually try each time. The message from her doctor is always the same. She is growing and she is healthy. One doctor even said that she would take 10 kids Emily's size rather than one who is on the higher end of the growth chart and are at risk of becoming diabetic. So we nod and encourage her to eat.

Last night after dinner Bret and I laughed when Emily asked if she could have 3 cookies for dessert instead of two. We told her that if she ate the first two she could have a third and of course by the time she finished she didn't want any more. Palmer on the other hand would have ate the entire bag had we let him.

Emily had to get one shot and they both got the flu mist (same as the shot except you inhale it...something about a live virus). One thing that Emily does not do well is get shots. She started screaming so loud (before they even gave her the shot) that I had to hold my hand over her mouth. Once it was all said and done she wouldn't move that arm the rest of the night. On the way home she did ask if we could have McDonald's to celebrate the fact that she was so brave and got her shots. I agree with Emily...just because you screamed the whole time doesn't mean you weren't still brave. LOL

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