Stop Crying!

Lately when I get frustrated or even angry I tend to get emotional and cry. I HATE this! I am usually a very calm and rationale person which comes in handy when I am talking to someone that is less than competent on the phone.

Yesterday I was arguing with the insurance company (which an entire other post by itself) and before I knew what was happening my voice got all choked up and tears were flowing down my cheeks. I ended up hanging up because I was not going to let her know I was that upset. After I got off the phone I sat and cried in my office for a good five minutes. Partly because I was still pissed off and partly because I couldn't believe that I was crying.

Today the same thing happened while I was talking to the bank. I was REALLY pissed off at the bank. You know it's bad when they admit that they screwed up. We bought a new car which paid of the rest of the loan for the car that we had. An automatic payment was set up through our online banking system. 3 days before the payment was scheduled to pay I called the bank to cancel the payment. Woman on the phone said that she would issue a stop check (which is what she said needed to be done since it was a payment that they sent a check for) and that there would be no problem. Lo and behold the money went out of the account anyways. I called today and they said that I was talking to the wrong department and that what she did was wrong. Since the money was paid out today there was nothing they could do. UGH! And then I cried. Not because it's a fortune and we are now broke...cause we are fine. More b/c I did everything I was supposed to, they screwed up, and I am now the one that has to pay and get the run around to get my money back.

Even when fighting with Bret or getting frustrated with the kids the water works around me are like broken pipes. I am super sensitive and I get overwhelmed easily. It's like my head is completely disconnected to my eyes. I can feel myself get overly emotional and yet there is nothing I do about it except add to the fact that I'm already upset.

Good thing my readers are super nice cause I just couldn't take a mean comment right now :)


Cathy said...

I'm the same way! When I get really angry I cry, too. And then I get too upset to talk, and I feel like a little kid... so frustrating.

Hang in there! I hope things get better for you soon.

Darci said...

I'm with you (although, i'm not pregnant)...I cry at the drop of a hat.

To answer your questions from earlier, i'm working at an online for profit school (should be tons different). They have never had financial aid before and are in the application process...should be interesting =)

Caroline said...

I understand you all the way.
Don't worry, the days will look up soon.

Angel said...

I think everyone needs a good cry. I say don't stress at all about the crying because it is healthy to get those emotions out. I know after a cry I feel better and can handle the situation better.

Love you so much girl!!!