Finding the right pieces

For the last 5 years I have sewed each of the kids' Halloween costumes. This year I have opted out....of at least the major sewing project. After many many conversations and leaning one way and then the other both of the kids have decided what they want to be this year and I couldn't be more excited.

Palmer wants to be a firefighter. Very simple and cliche but he loves fire trucks and is very into firefighters. I am certain that we can put together an awesome costume for him and I have already found lots of ideas online on how to make the costume myself.

Emily wants to be Mary Poppins. She LOVES Mary Poppins and always has. Bret and I were a little surprised that she didn't go with the ever so popular princess or Hannah Montana but that just tells you a lot about Emily. So I have made a list of what all she will need to make this a great costume. I am actually a little excited about hunting for each of the pieces that will make this an awesome costume. Things like the right black umbrella, carpet bag, and hat that will should "MARY POPPINS" here. I think the part I like the most about these ideas is that I still get to create their costumes instead of just buying them but without the pressure of sewing difficult patterns together.

I have no worries that if I can't find a carpet bag that will work I can buy some upholstery material and handles and make something that will work just fine. This will double as her trick or treat bag as well. In the mean time I will hunt through e-bay, craigslist, and of course the thrift shops in town. I'm still not sure what Bret and I are going to be. We want to do something funny since I'm prego. The cool weather and promise of fall has me itching to get out all of my fall/Halloween decorations a little early this year. Not to mention the fun DIY tutorials that are popping up on everyone's blog.

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