Emily the Baby Watcher

We went and spent part of this weekend with some friends of ours that happen to have 3 month old twin girls. Needless to say Emily was in Heaven. She LOVES babies and twin baby girls were just the cherry on top of the sunday.

I was impressed at how long she stay interested...meaning that she didn't want to go play with the other kids even after holding and feeding each of them as often as she could. The babies have little swings that they sat in when not being held and Emily would sit in between them just watching.

Every time one of the babies would stretch or yawn in their sleep Emily would run to their mom and say "I think that they are hungry" or "I think they need a diaper change". It was cute. I loved watching her try and feed the baby and get used to the way the bottle would sit as they ate. Emily kept rubbing their heads and kissing them. At one point she looked up at me and smiled saying "just think mom, we are going to have one just like this". I am glad she is so excited.

Palmer on the other hand could have cared less about the babies. These friends live in a very rural town in the PA mountains and had quite a bit of land around their house. Palmer enjoyed riding 4-wheelers, the fact that we camped out, having a camp fire, and most importantly learning to pee outside. The only problem was that yesterday when he got out of the truck he had his pants down on our busy street trying to pee right there. It's hard to explain to a 2 year old why he can pee outside in the woods but not in the front yard of our apt building. Ah..the joys of potty training.

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