Returning to Normal

The kids and hubs returned home yesterday afternoon. MIL came with to help with the driving and is home with the kids today to allow for one more day to get back into the swing of things for the kids. She has an early flight home tomorrow.

It was awesome to have the kids and Bret home. I missed them so much and I think they might have missed me a little too.

You will laugh but I think they have changed just a little since they have been gone. I keep looking at Palmer or listening to him tell me something and I think to myself...man, was he this big/grown up when he left? Emily is still Emily although she has a little attitude that will fade with time and getting back into routine.

Bret and I went and bought a bed yesterday afternoon. We are both super excited even though it will take a week for it to come in. My back is counting the days. My college room mate and her daughter are coming to visit this week for a few days so that should be a lot of fun doing some touristy things in PA.

I am looking forward to things getting back to around here.

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