Peace and Thanksgiving

Last night in the brief moments before Bret and I fell asleep I realized something. Things are good now. Are we rolling in the dough? No. We live in a crappy two bedroom apt and I need a bigger vehicle to transport our soon to be growing family. Nor are we completely without stress (trying to figure out how to either pay for daycare when the new one comes or how to survive on one income once again). But we are all healthy and we are all happy.

I am thankful for the everyday moments in my life that remind me how good things are right now. Laying in bed (albeit it will be much better once our new mattress arrives on Sunday) next to my husband and hearing my kids laugh when they were supposed to be sleeping in their beds I realized that we are so blessed. The Lord is good.


Angel said...

I could not agree with you more. Even when life is full of stress there is always so much to be thankful for!!

Caroline said...

He is good!