Baby Loot

The first time around with pregnancy Bret and I were overwhelmed at how much STUFF a baby needs/gets. Between the nursery, bathtime, feeding, clothes, and toys it is overwhelming. The second time around we needed a few things we went without the first time, updated a couple of things, and mostly just boy clothes/blankets/burp clothes/etc.

This time around we don't need much stuff. We don't the room for a nursery and the baby's bed is going to be in our room for the time being. We also already have a boy and a girl so we don't need a lot of the basics for clothes either.
That doesn't mean that I am not still shopping around. It just means that I am being a little choosier and that I have a better idea of exactly I want. So since my mind has been on all things baby lately I would share some of the things that I am in love with. (Read: in love with but may not justify spending the xtra dough on..we will see).

I know I said that we weren't going to do a nursery. However, this adorable set from Pottery Barn is hard to pass up. I actually already have the mobile from this set. I got it for a gift and then never got around to mailing said gift. I know I'm a bad person. Since bumper pads are kind of up in the air as to whether or not they are necessary/safe I just want the crib skirt, quilt, and crib sheet from this set.
The carseat that we have is now five years old. It has not been recalled but the manufacturer has said that the latch "may" break off because it is made from plastic. This specific carseat goes with my jogging stroller and is from Babies 'R Us.

This diaper bag is made by Amy Baby. She is a woman who lives here in Reading and hand makes these. A friend got the red one and I just fell in love. They are a little expensive for a diaper bag but hey...this is a wish list.

With two little ones already at home it is no wonder that I am going to need my hands from the get go. I have the Baby Bjorn carrier now and I LOVED it with Palmer. Except one thing...you couldn't nurse in it and I don't think it was really comfortable for sleeping little ones. So after much research (cause there are millions of baby slings/carriers) I have decided that the Maya wrap is for me.

Well there you have it...my wish list for this new addition. Although I never tell anyone about it I do register at the places that I am going to get things from. Not because I expect anyone to buy me anything but because you get a discount on anything you buy after you deliver. So what I do to save an extra 10-20% is set up a registry and put some fun things on it then move the expected date up so that I get my coupons in time to go buy the things I want myself. Every little bit helps.


FRANNIE said...

I love the snuggly carseat covers they have now. I wish I had had one when my son was small, instead of those bulky wintersuits.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Very cute buys, love the multi coloured wrap!


Stephanie said...

a baby wrap is a total necessity. I bought one when mine was a few months old. Ah, the bliss of having two hands free AND a quiet baby. I went with a Sleep Wrap, though. You might check them out, Adriana.