Motivation- HA!

So far this week I have accomplished nada. I'm OK with that too. Last night I had dinner with a friend and then we went for a long walk. By the time I got home I didn't feel like doing much so I watched an episode of Merlin on Hulu and went to bed and read till I was tired. Oh, and I talked to my kids and Bret too.

They are having the time of their life. They are fishing, riding 4 wheelers through the Colorado mountain trails, and went to a dinosaur exporation place yesterday. I can tell that they are just in heaven. I miss them a lot but am thrilled that they are having such fun. I talked to Emily this morning and she told me "it's a beautiful morning for fishing" lol. Tonight will be the first night I don't have anything planned. I will be the first to admit that now more than ever before I wish we still had cable but I will survive. I have several baby blankets to get made for upcoming showers and still a few other projects I would like to work on.

I am looking forward to it. In other news I am pretty sure I can feel some kicking/movement going on. It's still in the "huh, I wonder if that was the baby or just my stomach" phase but each day I am noticing it just a little more. It is always such a relief when you can actually feel those flutters as reassurance that everything seems to be doing fine.

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Caroline said...

LOL, I know that huh feeling. I did it a lot. Sometimes I still feel movement and I am not pregnant. Apparently it is common after you have a baby.

How are you doing w/o the husband and kids? Will they be back soon.

Also I wanted to know what part of Kansas? I am in Topeka, are they anywhere close?