Baby #3

Thursday was my 20 week sonogram and it went very well. Bret had surgery and couldn't make it but Emily was a great companion to go with. She was very excited to see the baby.

On Friday after Palmer's surgery I took him to the hospital to have lunch with daddy. Palmer was thrilled to see him and had been asking for him all morning. The kids love eating at the hospital caffateria with daddy. It is always a special treat.

I too got a special treat when Bret asked if I wanted to see if any of the sono techs were free in the maternal fetal medicine department (which is the rotation is currently on). While all sonograms are special their 3-D machine is AWESOME. Also b/c there were no measurements to take we could be sure to steer clear of the unknown domain and still be surprised to find out what the baby is when it is born. The pictures turned out so good and it was funny to hear everyone's response. On facebook everyone was convinced that the pictures look just like Palmer. Bret and I agree. Being the mom that I am I pulled out my scrapbook and actually compared the the 3D sonogram of Palmer to the new baby and yep they look very much alike. We laughed and said that it is either a boy or a little girl that will have to grow into her looks. Either way we were thrilled to have a very healthy baby so far and rather proud of ourselves to have kept the sex a surprise.

This weekend also marked what Bret jokingly referred to "as the nesting beginning". We worked on sorting through our storage unit and organizing everything. I have now created a tub with 0-3 month clothes for each the girl things, boy things, and things for either sex. I noticed very quickly that we don't have many gender neutral things at all. This is fine since we have so much of both already. Although we still have 19 weeks left (or closer to 18 hopefully) it feels good to start having somethings done. I know first hand how once we get closer to Halloween and all of the other holidays time with pass me by.


Caroline said...

What sweet pictures. I would guess thats a boy in there, but that is a total guess.

Killlashandra said...

Those are great pictures. My little one was breech the whole pregnancy and the 3-d shots just didn't turn out. How exciting!