A Glimpse

Palmer had minor surgery on Friday. He had his tear ducts probed. They have been blocked since he was born. The surgery was nothing major although they did give him anesthesia to make him sleep through the procedure. He is fine and everything went OK.

Bret had to work and he had dropped Emily off early that morning at daycare. As I was going through the entire process with Palmer (getting his ID badge, changing him into the hospital gown, etc) I started to think about the millions of parents who do this regularly with children much much sicker. It was heartbreaking to me to have to hand over my child crying out to his mother so that they could carry him the rest of the way to the OR. It was also heart breaking to have him not understand what was going on when he was coming around after the surgery was over.

I am very very grateful that we have never had to go through anything like this before with any of our children and that even this time was for something not deemed serious or dangerous. I pray that we will never have to be back in that situation for something more serious. I also pray for all the parents who are not as sure of the outcome of their child's surgery and the fears that they face.

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