Emily Grace Heskett

Happy 5th Birthday!

It brings tears of joy to my eyes just typing that. I can't believe you are five already. It seems like just yesterday your dad and I's lives were changed forever. There are no words to describe how different our lives became the moment you were born.

Until we found out that we were pregnant with you daddy and I thought we had our whole lives planned out and of course that everything would go exactly by our plan. Boy did that change and we wouldn't have it any other way. My pregnancy with you was a whirlwind of fear, excitement, terror, joy, and nausea.
Lucky for us you were a great baby and always had a smile on your face. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that complete strangers would go out of their way in a parking lot or store to tell me how beautiful of a baby you were and how adorable of a little girl you are now. Daddy and I have always known that you were beautiful and that your precious blue eyes will break many hearts and find true love someday (hopefully not any time soon).

You are so much more than beauty. People can't help but smile when they are around you and you are someone that everyone wants to be around. Your ability to sing and dance songs of your own making is fantastic. You are thoughtful and caring and have a deep sense of compassion that makes us so proud to be your parents.

Your excitement for this new baby has made us all even more excited. Your love for your brother and this new baby you haven't even met yet makes me love you even more. Even if I have five more boys (please no) I at least have you and you are enough girl to take them all on.

I love that you have so much of BOTH me and your dad that you can't tell where one begins and the other ends. You are such a one of a kind kid that I feel blessed everyday that I get to be your mom.
You amaze me every day in the way you over come your fears. Something may intimidate you but you never let it stop you. We are so proud of the little person you are becoming and are excited to see what adventures lie in your future.


~Sandy~ said...

Awwwww...what a great post:) She is just a doll!!!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

She is beautiful, Happy 5th Birthday to her!


Modern Mama Diana said...

Aww, Happy Birthday to Emily!! What a cutie she is! :)

Angel said...

Save this...she must read this one day.

Kymilue said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful 5 year old! Such a sweet tribute to your daughter!

alissa said...

yeah! happy birthday to her - shes so cute!