Best 5th Birthday Ever Check List

  • Wake up and realize I AM 5 TODAY- CHECK
  • Have happy birthday sang 41897845 times- CHECK
  • Wear the perfect party dress to school with my fancy shoes- CHECK
  • Have the entire swimming lessons group sing happy birthday- CHECK
  • School's air conditioner is out b/c it is my bday which is great cause I am always freezing(or b/c it is being replaced)- CHECK
  • Popsicles for my birthday treats- CHECK
  • Presents in the mail from grandma and my aunt- CHECK
  • Presents from mom, dad, and brother- CHECK
  • Dinner at Chuckie Cheese- CHECK
  • Mani & Pedi with just me and mom- CHECK AND CHECK
  • Knowing that my cupcake birthday is only a few days away- CHECK
  • Go to sleep with the biggest grin on my face singing myself happy birthday- CHECK

1 comment:

Kymilue said...

This is so adorable! Glad she had a great birthday!