Let the Count Down Begin

3 more nights. 3.MORE.NIGHTS!!!

I'm a little excited...can you tell? This is the last week of nights for Bret...forever. It has been rough but with the light at the end of the tunnel blaring in our eyes we are ending on a great note.

Tomorrow is Emily's 5th birthday. Bret has to work in the evening so I am heading out an hour or so early so that we can make it home, have dinner, and still have time for her to open her presents. She is excited.

My list of things to do before the party on Saturday does not feel like it is getting any shorter. Bret being on nights is not helping..at all. I think the hardest part is just not having the time to run to the store for the last minute things I still need. I am not stressed though (yet) as I still have plenty of time. Not too much else new going on. We had a fabulous weekend of birthday parties and pool parties.

I have decided that we need a new bed and Bret readily agrees. Neither of us are getting a good night's sleep and we have had just about enough of that. There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep soundly and waking up so sore the next morning. I almost think we would be better off sleeping on the floor.

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