Happy Father's Day Dr. Dad

Dear Dr. Dad,

I remember when Emily was born and how surprised I was to see tears of complete bliss streaming down your cheeks. You were so proud and excited and exhausted. The years ahead of you and Emily will probably be a little rough but she is proud to have you as her dad. You are the mile stone that every guy will have to reach to match her level of expectation and for that I am grateful. She is confident, outgoing, loving, and adventurous because of your guidance and encouragement. I know that making her get back up on her bike after her first wreck even though she was crying in front of everyone was hard for you. I also know that you would do it again because it was the right thing to do. Emily is learning how to pick herself back up, to overcome her fears of disappointment and she will be a strong and confident woman because of that.

The day we found out that Palmer was going to be a boy you couldn't slap the goofy grin off your face for weeks. Your pride in being the last generation of Heskett and carrying that on is contagious. When Palmer was born the first words out of your mouth was "He's huge!". He is your shadow and will be for many years to come. I see so many of your quirky characteristics shining through Palmer. He is his own man at the mere age of two. LOL I love seeing the pride in your face as he delights us everyday with something new that he has learned.

Watching you watch your newest baby while doing the sonogram yourself brings me such peace and joy. The smile that spreads across your face when you find the tiny one and laugh as we watch it jump with the hiccups. I love that you are already convinced that it is a boy and have a name waiting just in case. I also love that you will worship another daughter just as much.

I also love that you want more children just as much as I do even though you convince everyone else that you are just letting me have my way. Our shared goals and priorities in life have gotten us through even the most difficult times.

This post is not to try and convince you that you are the perfect dad. You work too much and sometimes the kids have to shout to get your attention (that might be because you are going partially deaf in your old age). You do your best in parenting and you love with everything you have. You are an incredible dad.

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