Father's Day

Things have not been very good between my dad and I lately. Actually for a few years now. Maybe because we are both a little stubborn and both a little sensitive we have grown further and further apart over the years rather than closer together.

Regardless of the past few years my dad was a great dad when I was growing up. He was fun, loving, and super supportive. He believed I could do anything and helped me see that too.

My dad was born disabled. Like completely unable to use his legs since birth. They believe that at some point in utero he got wrapped into a ball and his legs never fully developed. He lived most of the first 5 years of his life in and out of the hospitals and had numerous surgeries. He was born in the early 1950's and at the time disabilities were looked down upon especially in the small town in KS that he lived in.

His parents never made excuses for him and never let him make them either. My grandfather build a ramp and special desk for him so that he could attend the public school in their town after the school denied his admittance because they could not accommodate him. My grandfather took him hunting, fishing, taught him to ride horses, and how to drive. He raised him like he was any other child and my father never believed he was any different either. My grandfather had taught my father to find something that you were good at and to work hard to be the best.

Not one for college my dad had a special talent for typing. He was the fastest typer in the state at one time (or so he told us). He got a job as the only male typer working for Southwester Bell, the phone company. He worked his way up threw the corporate ladder for 30 years before he finally retired. He collected his first disability check at the age of 55.

When we were kids my dad had a special day that we would spend together called "KID'S DAY". This usually came after a great report card or special award. We spent the whole day together just us and him. We would eat wherever we wanted, went to the movies, or the mall. Sometimes we could take a friend. He would take us fishing or swimming. It was our day and it was awesome.

Health, retirement, depression, divorce, and many other things have not been good to my dad. He has become a person I hardly recognize and I am so disappointed and frustrated. Sometimes I hardly recognize him anymore. Have you ever seen the move Big Fish. I feel that if ever there was a movie that told a lot about my dad it was that movie. I still love him and I will never forget the things in his life that at one time made him my hero.


Brittney said...

I'm so sorry, Adriana. Your father sounds like an amazing person who was an incredible role model growing up. I pray you'll find peace and joy in celebrating the person you remember he is this Father's Day, and I also hope he will find a hope and a joy in life that helps him see what you and others see in him. Have a wonderful day - thank you for sharing.

LegalMist said...

What a nice tribute to the man who raised you, and so wonderful that you are able to remember the good things even while frustrated with the current situation. Best wishes to your Dad for a happy Father's Day.