She Knows

It was really early in the morning on Saturday. Bret and I were not sure why we were both awake but we were. It was nice to lay in bed with everyone else in the tiny apartment still sleeping (or so we believed).

Suddenly Bret rolled over to his backpack and withdrew a mysterious device I hadn't seen in years. His Doppler. Within a few moments I was listening to the best sound ever. The tiny heart beat of the new wee one.

What happened next was completely unavoidable. Before we knew what was happening the door to our bedroom flung open and even though we are still not sure how she figured out what we were doing she squealed with delight and ran to wake my mom up. We could hear her in the next room explaining that her mom had a baby sister in her tummy.

We had no intentions of telling Emily until it was absolutely unavoidable (read: when my stomach was a dead giveaway even to an almost five year old). However, the best laid plans...

So Emily now knows and has inundated me and Bret with questions only a 5 year old can come up with. The one we were trying to avoid the most was WHEN will the new baby be here. Luckily with a January 4th due date we are able to put into a perspective she totally gets...after Christmas.

Some of the other questions Emily has bombarded us with:

Will you let me hold her (of course with supervision and only when sitting)
What are we going to name her (we have no idea)
Can I pick out her name (we will see)
Where is she going to sleep (good question)
Can she sleep with me (no)
When are we having your baby shower (had to explain the etiquette rules of only having a shower for the first baby)
And on and on

We knew (since she has been telling us repeatedly for a year now) that Emily was going to be excited. We also knew that she is desperate for a baby sister and NOT another brother. Bret and I sat her down and explained that we don't get to choose if it is a boy or girl and that God chose a baby just for us. Her response was "You get what you get and you don't get upset" which is a common saying at her school. It was hard not to laugh.

So now everyone who didn't know before KNOWS FOR SURE now that Emily is in the know. This morning she told me that she had a dream that I gave birth to a beautiful princess baby. Between this and her upcoming cupcake birthday party I am not sure when Emily will surface back to the planet earth from cloud nine. Although it was much earlier and not in the way we intended it is fun to see her excitement. If we weren't excited enough before her pure glee has reinfected us all.


Curly Muse said...

I did not know that some people dont celebrate each baby's birth with a baby shower. Is it a common thing where you live? Is it cultural, regional?

A similar saying that I heard someway say was "You take what I give you and you like it!"

Adriana said...

I guess maybe it is a something that has just been common where I lived.