Rainy Day

Bret is working today and it is raining outside. How much more of a downer can we get on a Saturday? Actually it's not that bad. It's actually nice to have a low key Saturday ever once in a while just to get caught up around the house.

I have this weird thing that it is so hard for me to get motivated around the house when Bret is home. Part of it is that I have to get him motivated too and sometimes I just don't have enough motivation in me for both of us. So when Bret is working I usually try and get "house" stuff done in the morning so that I have the afternoon to myself when the kids are napping and with them when they are awake. We have been enjoying being outside in the nice weather so much lately that it is still kind of a bummer that it is raining.

Boredom sometimes is so closely related to rainy days that we have to plan ahead of time to ward it off. Some of the things that we do to ward off the boredom is head to the library, bake cookies, read books, do a craft project, or our all time favorite is to pop popcorn and watch a movie. There is just nothing better than cuddling up to your kids with a blanket with comfy clothes (aka PJ's) on to watch a movie. Of course nothing needs to be said about the joys of popcorn.

Of course we usually try and make a visit in to daddy when he stuck working on the weekends and that helps lift everyone's spirits. What do you do on a lazy rainy Saturday?

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