Freaky Friday

Before my mom moved to the United States she was working towards becoming a clinical psychologist. She came here to take some time off after completing the equivalent of a masters degree and before starting her doctorate. Some how those plans got derailed when she met, married my father, and had three kids instead. One of the things that my mom learned how to do and was very skilled at was hypnosis.

Mom was very careful about using hypnosis and in all honesty I only remember seeing her hypnotize someone once EVER. It happened when I was 9 years old and my parents were having a party.

My dad had a really good friend that was a lot of fun. He always gave my mom a lot of static in good fun and always said that he didn't believe in hypnosis one bit. He thought it was a crock and that people were just pretending. After a few drinks and LOTS of smack talk my mom was finally talked into hypnotizing my dad's good friend.

After the very typical relaxation technique that you see on TV (only this was in our living room) my mom had him almost asleep. I will never forget what happened next.

My mom went to the kitchen and grabbed an onion and a potato. She peeled the onion and put it into Bill's hand.

Mom: "Bill?"

Bill: "Yes, Nina?"

Mom: "How are you feeling Bill?"

Bill: "Oh, Nina...I feel very good and very relaxed. Almost sleepy"

Mom: "Bill that's good. Bill I have something for you. It's an apple. But not just any apple. This apple is the most ripe, juicy, and delicious apple you have ever eaten."

Mom then gave the apple to Bill and asked him to go ahead and try the apple (it was actually the onion). Even though his eyes were wide open Bill never thought twice that the onion she was handing him was the best apple he had ever seen.

Bill: Took a huge bite and wiped his mouth with his sleeve as if the juice was over flowing. "Oh Nina where did you get this apple? I have never tasted anything so sweet and juicy."

Everyone sat with their jaws open and couldn't believe that he was eating the onion. The smell of onion was so strong that our eyes were all watering. Bill ate the onion just like it was an apple with a core around the middle. Next mom took the potato.

Mom: "Bill? Do you like ice cream?"

Bill: "Oh, yes Nina."

Mom: "Bill would you like an ice cream cone?"

Bill: "Oh, yes Nina. Do you have chocolate?"

Mom: "Of course Bill."

She took the potato and wiped off most of the dirt and handed it to Bill.

Bill took the potato and held the bottom like it was a cone with ice cream in it. Without even thinking twice he licked the potato. Mom shushed the room full of giggles and never broke a smile. Not only did Bill lick the potato but he bit into it too like you would a cone. He ate the entire thing and told my mom thank you. By this point mom felt that Bill had learned his lesson for giving her such a hard time. Within minutes she put him back to a sleep like mode and woke him up. Bill came awake convinced that it didn't work at all. He felt like nothing had happened and accused everyone of making it all up just to give him a hard time. I don't think Bill ever really believed that anything really happened but he never gave my mom a hard time about it again.

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