The favorite wife

Since we moved to PA I am not the only one that has had a hard time making friends. We have friends here...just not really close have a lot in common friends. Although I joke about the mean mommy's group I have made a couple of close girlfriends. Bret however has struggled. He usually tags along with whatever social outing I plan and hangs out with residents from other programs (because there is only one other guy in OB and they don't get along so great). I think this has a lot to do with the fact that he works ALL THE TIME but also because a lot of the people he meets are not married and don't have two kids. That makes a difference. So I digress.

One of Bret's few friends has been in an on again off again relationship for a few years now. Friend has done everything to try and make it work even talking marriage at times. The girl is not right for him (not to mention she isn't the nicest person either). So a week or so ago they had a big blow out and broke it off "for good". She even came and got her stuff. I will be the first to mention that I was skeptical until she came and got her stuff (she lives about an hour away).

So cheer this friend up several other friends thought they needed to take friend out..not just out to the bars (because they have DONE that) but to a strip club. Bret has been to strip clubs before (once in New Orleans, couple bachelors parties, etc, etc). It's not that BIG of a deal yet not something I really want to become a habit. So when he asked if he could go he knew the answer already. I don't really care...with the few exceptions that he already knows (ie no lap dances for him, no touching, and don't waste a bunch of money).

So I was pretty surprised to find out that all of the other wives said no. No their husbands who they love and trust could not go out for a few drinks with friends that they knew to see some boobies. Seriously?

Look I'm not crazy about it either and to be honest I don't get it. But if your husband "asks" you to go once every couple of years really what is the big deal? I get the whole degrading woman thing but honestly that doesn't even bother me that much. They are making good money and OK with what they are doing. I actually had a student worker one time who came in asked me some questions about filling out her FAFSA and after looking at her tax info I found out she worked at a really elite club in town. I asked her about it (as her boss I knew her pretty well) and when she told me how much she was making I seriously did a double take and said thought maybe I should look into it. (Her hourly wage if you included tips was double what my hourly wage would be if you broke it down).

So would you let your husband go or would your wife let you go? Have you been to a strip club and what do you think?


Curly Muse said...

Yes I would def let my husband go. Its not problem! Infact the next time around I would go with him for couples night!

pj said...

Not a big fan, but once in awhile it happens. Usually bachelor parties or cases like the hubs friend. I can see more on TV. Lol.

LegalMist said...

I would be annoyed if my husband wanted to go frequently, just as I would be annoyed if he went to the movies every Friday night without me. But if he wants a "guys night out" once in a while, I don't see a problem. And I really don't "get it" when wives or husbands think they have the right to control another person, to the point of saying "no" to something like that. Are they worried he'll see something he likes more and just not come home? If that's the worry, there are deeper problems in the relationship than whether the man goes to a srip club...