Mom's Week

This week in honor of Mother's Day that is this upcoming Sunday I am going to pay tribute to the different "moms" in my life. Yes I only have one mother but there are several woman that play an important role in my life and in the life of my children.
Today the mom I honor is Kyla. Kyla is Bret's younger sister. She is not a mom yet but will be an awesome mom someday. What she is to my kids is the coolest aunt any kid could ever ask for.

Kyla lived with us for almost a year. She moved in for what was going to be a few weeks to maybe a month until she found an apartment and a roommate. It kind of became a running joke in the house when Ky would come home after looking at a new apartment with a possible roommate. To be honest we loved having her live with us and wouldn't have cared if she continued to stay with us.

When we got home from Match Day we had to tell Kyla that we were moving to PA. At the time she acted like it wasn't going to be that big of a deal but later she told us that she cried all the way back to her apartment. She had become such a big part of our family that we didn't know what we were going to do.

No one in our family loved having Kyla live with us more than Emily. Emily was not quite two when Kyla moved in with us and she worshiped the ground Kyla walked on. Emily would go downstairs to Kyla's room every morning and just sit on her bed and watch Kyla get ready. Kyla would humor Emily by handing her the deodorant to pretend to put on when she was done, put make up on her (blush/powder and lip gloss), and sometimes curl her hair. Kyla always liked to dress Emily up like she was going to a party instead of daycare and I will never forget how excited Emily was to have RED nail polish on her tiny fingers and toes. I, without a doubt, blame Kyla for how girly Emily is. Her fascination with all things make up, hair, nails, clothes, and primping come directly from Kyla.
That year of the two of them living together has formed a bond that will never be broken. For the longest time Emily referred to her as "my Kyla". Emily is also in love with Kyla's soon to be husband Lucas. He has been a part of our family since Kyla was in high school so the wedding is just making it more official. Emily can't wait to be Kyla's flower girl in June and we can't wait to see one of her dreams come true. Kyla is also getting ready to graduate from dental hygienist school and we couldn't be more proud.
Kyla thank you for being such a special part of my children's lives. We love you so much.

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