Lists, lists, lists

As we continue to prepare for our big adventure road trip (from hell) back to KS I keep adding more things to my many lists than I seem to be checking off.

I have a what to pack, what to buy, and of course a what needs to be done list. Bret also has a list but for someone reason his is not nearly as big and long as mine. I am slowly making plans on who we are going to see and when and most importantly where we are going to stay. My head starts to spin when I think about all of the family and friends we will see in such a short time not to mention how many different places we plan to stay at. In the end it will be a trip that goes by all too quickly with not enough time spent with everyone.

I was talking to Kyla on the phone the other day and she too was stressed about her lists of things to do/remember. I remember oh so well how long that list was before my wedding day. The errands that have to be ran, the last minute projects to work on, and the details you left to be done as the day grew nearer.

My daughter is beside herself with excitement with our upcoming trip. She too feels homesick for our family (specifically grandparents) and can't wait to see them all. She has been hosting a count down that everyone she sees gets an update on. Emily to has a list of things that she does before we head for KS on our incredibly long road trip. So for your enjoyment here are the things that I interpret as Emily's list of things to get done before heading to KS.

Things to pack in my travel Dora backpack:

1. baby (this is her lovey from when she was a newborn that she sleeps with)
2. Go Fish cards
3. snacks
4. gum
5. books
6. swim suit (not kidding I found this in her back pack when I was looking to pack it for her)
7. toys to play with in the truck on the way
8. favorite movie (even though mom packs a ton of DVD's to watch and we get a new one for the trip)
9. my camera so I can take pictures of my Kyla in her pretty dress

Things to do before I leave:
1. Ask everyone I see to make sure they would be willing to come feed/water/and play with Lulu (our bunny) while I am gone
2. Make sure my teacher and friends know that I will not be at school because I am going to be in KS
3. Call grandma and Lita to make sure that they know we are coming to KS
4. Pack my Dora bag and help Palmer pack his back pack too
5. Remind mom 1093485109238 times to not forget my Dora back pack

Ah if only my lists were still so simple. Instead I get a look of wonderment from my husband last night as he once again thought how amazing I am for getting it all done. The house is currently in shambles and we are less than 80% packed. By tomorrow at 1pm when we both get off work by an act of Mama Incredible everything will be ready to go and perfect. Quick say a prayer!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE lists! But then again....I am diagnosed with severe ocd...

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I wanna pack my Dora backpack and head out of town too!

Noah's Mommy said...

sometimes I think the packing and getting ready is almost worse than the actual driving....thanks so much for coming by on my feature day yesterday...I'm so happy you did...