There's no place like home...there's no place

Like home.

Our bags are packed, I get off at 1, and in less than 24 hours we will be back in KS. Emily is SOOO excited she tells me repeatedly. Bret and I are weary just thinking of the drive ahead of us but we too are excited to see family and friends and have a long vacation.

Every road trip back to KS we get the kids a new DVD to start the trip off with. This year we got Tinker Bell and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Both the kids love CCBB (yes I let them watch it last night as I needed a moments peace to frantically get everything packed, one last load of laundry done, and the house at least picked up). I wasn't surprised since they LOVE Mary Poppins. The singing, dancing, and silliness are just as captivating to my children as they were to us as kids.

In addition to seeing our family and friends there are couple of places that we HAVE to eat at while at home as well. Would you believe that KS has way more places to eat (albeit mostly chains) than Berks county here in PA. Top two places that are MUST when home is 1) The Pad and 2) Old Chicago's...YUMMM!!! KANSAS here we come!!

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Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip!

And thanks a lot, I now have CCBB song in my head!!