Send in the secret weapon

The kids' daycare/preschool is having a fund raiser. The PTA decided to do a Trike a Thon to raise funds for the school. The funds are used for new supplies, field trips, a music teacher, and other special things to add to the everyday curriculum.

Since other fund raisers usually involve buying something and since our family lives so far away and would have to send the money and then we would have to send the stuff it has always been too much of a hassle to even bother asking. This time since the kids are just asking for sponsors Bret and I figured it was time to send in the secret weapon....the two most adorable kids ever also known as the only grandchildren on both sides and the only niece/nephew of two aunts.

So after coaching Emily and talking about what she was going to do here is a glimpse of what went down.

Emily: Hi Grandpa!

Grandpa (aka Bret's dad): Well, hi Emily!

Emily: Grandpa, my school needs money so I am going to ride my bike. Will you give my school money if I ride my bike?

Grandpa: stifling a laugh...of course Emily. How does $5 sound?

Emily: For Palmer too? How about you give me $5 and Palmer $5?

Grandpa: That sounds good Emily I will put it in the mail today.

Emily: Thank you so much grandpa. Now can I talk to grandma?

And so we give a very similar spew to grandma and collect an additional $5 for both her and Palmer (because she is always looking out for her little bro...that's what big sisters are for). One family member tried to giver her $10 and ended up in almost an argument because Emily seemed to think that $5 was what she really needed. All in all Emily raised $100 between her and Palmer's donations. Now they just have a bunch of bike riding to do next Sunday at the actual event.

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