Girls Day

I had been promising Emily that we would get our nails done since the weather turned semi warm. For a few years now I have been taking her with me and letting her get her toes and finger nails painted. They usually just charge me a polish change with usually runs $3 for fingers & $3 for toes. For $6 it's a fun girls thing to do together.

So Saturday morning we were up and ran over to the mall just before they opened to get our first mani/pedi of the season and low and behold I see that the place has added a new feature.
They added 4 mini-spa chairs for children. Yes you read that correctly. They have pedicure spa chairs for kids. The chairs are shaped as animals (panda, rabbit, princess, and bear), they have massage backs, and they have individual DVD players for the kids. So for the price of $20 Emily got the royal treatment. Can we say HIGH PRICED? It was one of those moments where I had a choice to make. This is not a typical Saturday morning expenditure. So I explained to Emily that because she has been a super big help at home lately (which she has) and has not had a time out in a long time we were going to get the spa treatment. HOWEVER this was not going to be a regular occurrence (not that we got pedis regularly before...maybe every other month at most). Next time we are going to find a new place to go that doesn't have the super expensive chairs unless it is a special occasion. It was fun though and I will admit that it was great to see her so excited. It makes me wonder if money wasn't an issue or something that we had to watch if we wouldn't keep going there every few months. Probably not.

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Randi said...

She looks like a natural :). I'm looking forward to girls' days out. My sisters and I always did those with my mom, grandma and aunt in Phx.
I'm glad to hear it's warm where you are too. It was a LONG cold winter for us. Bring on the sunshine and long days!