Totally Awkward Tuesdays

After weeks of reading the hilarious stories you know that you want to participate too. Surely there is a story just waiting to be told. If so check out Tova's site for details.

When Bret and I were dating in college I got to know a lot of his good friends from high school. I loved 98% of them more than my own friends. There were only a couple that I was not so crazy about. One such friend was "that girl". You know the one that doesn't have any girlfriends (because she has pissed them all off) and is buds with the guys. More specifically your guy. She is also the one that likes to hang all over your guy. I'm not a jealous girl. I am however an annoyed one. Seriously every time we saw her she felt it necessary to run up and jump into my then boyfriend's arms and hug him around the neck with her legs wrapped around his waist. Seriously who does that? Needless to say I was not the only girlfriend in our group of friends that were not big fans of this friend at all. We would roll our eyes whenever she came around and just ignored her. She was smart enough (or our boyfriends were fearful of us enough) to never let it be anything more than just harmless.

Fast forward a few years and Bret and I were engaged and planning our wedding. While going through the guest list we each had VETO power over each other's guest list. This particular friend was one of the few points of contention. I just didn't want her to be there and I knew that my other friends didn't want her to be there either. Bret didn't want me to feel weird at all on our most important day so he relented and didn't have a problem with it. A few weeks after this conversation we were at the bars with all of our friends. "That girl" showed up and of course after the typical squeal, try to jump into arms (I say try b/c Bret figured out pretty quick that I was not cool with whole act and that it wasn't worth the look he would get). Then out of now where she comes over to me and give me a giant hug too. WTH?!?

Drunk of course. Then in a very LOUD voice she asked me the question I was secretly pleading that she wouldn't. "Are you going to invite me to your wedding?" Even in a very busy bar you could hear exactly what she asked. I am not a rude or mean person. I was the girl who was taught to include everyone growing up. It is one thing to not send an invitation. It is totally different telling a person to their face (who asks you directly) that they are not invited. Besides what was I going to tell her was the reason? No, because you are a flirty whore and I don't want you near my soon to be husband on my wedding day? So in my biggest attempt to be the bigger person I told her "of course". Talk about awkward.

To be fair she was on her best behavior (at least towards my husband and around me) on the wedding day (or maybe I was just too busy to notice her). Either way who drunk or otherwise actually asks someone if they are invited?


pj said...

Always one at every wedding!

Grammy said...

I am glad things worked out for the best.

Moi said...

yikes! that was nice of you to extend the invite to her even though you didnt want to - maybe she would have been too drunk to remember asking?? Anywhoo - I wouldnt have thought ill of you if you nixed her invite! hee hee
cute post!

LegalMist said...


I think I would have said, in my sweetest southern accent, something like, "Oh, honey bunch, I don't have that big ol' guest list memorized. Did you get an invitation?" If she said no, I'd have said, "Oh, well I guess you weren't invited, then. So sorry! Limits at the event site and all. We had to cut out quite a few folks we would love to have invited. Maybe next time!"

If she said "yes," she got an invitation, I'd have said, in a surprised voice, "Oh, well then why are you asking me that?" And let her squirm.

But then maybe I'm not as polite as you. :)

alissa said...

booo you should totally have not invited her haha. she wouldnt have remembered the conversation anyway... :)

Adriana said...

Legal Mist- Had she come about 4 drinks earlier I might have been able to be a little more sly! LOL