Freaky Friday

For as long as I can remember I have always had this thing that some people call intuition. I get a very strange sick feeling in my stomach when something bad is going to happen. The problem is that I don't know what it is that is going to happen or to who.

In high school I had a good friend that was a year older than me. She was pretty wild but I liked her and she was fun. My parents were out one Saturday and we were getting ready to have some friends over to swim at my parents' pool. Brandy thought it would be fun to make some blended drinks so she made plans with one of her "connections" to have them pick up some alcohol and she was going to get ice.

Right before she left I got my "something bad is going to happen" vibe. I tried to casually convince Brandy to not go. I told her we could raid my parent's stash (although there wasn't much there) or that her friend could bring it over themselves. Brandy of course thought I was losing my mind and wanted to know why I really didn't want her to go. In the least "I'm a freak" kind of way that I could I simply told her that I had a bad feeling about it. Just as she was about to leave the feeling was so strong that I had tears in my eyes as I told her not to go.

She went anyways.

Not five minutes later she rear ended a car in front of her. Nothing was wrong with her but she had booze in the car (yep we were minors) and it was going to cost her a ton to get her car fixed. This has happened a couple of other times to me. My husband has learned to always listen to my "something bad it going to happen" vibe. Happy Friday!

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Cathy said...

A similar thing happens to my step-mom, except that she "smells" when someone is going to die. For a few days, she'll smell something - like a dead animal - then will get the news that a family member has died. I feel so bad for her, because that must be a terribly helpless feeling...

Love your freaky friday posts :)