Last Wishes

This past weekend when Bret and I was at the funeral I couldn't help but think about what would happen if Bret or I passed away. While morbid at first I am sure that I was not the only one whose thoughts floated to that area. Bret and I have talked some about what would happen before. I am not a fan of open casket funerals but Bret has flat out told me that a funeral isn't for the person who died but for their loved ones so that they can find closure. In the world of Bret this means that he gets to decide and he thinks open and if he dies then I get to decide. We have talked about (and legally had it written) what we want to happen to our children should anything happen to the both of us in the past.

During one of the songs that they sang "How Great Thou Art" Bret leaned over and said please make sure a guy sings at my funeral and I want this song and he listed three others that he liked. I laughed (on the inside of course) because I was just thinking the same thing. Albeit I was thinking that I wanted a gospel choir to sing at mine. Some of the most heart rendering songs that they sing at funerals just sound better with that soulful touch to them.

One thing that I will say is that although I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable in the Catholic church with all of their dogmas and traditions it gives me and Bret comfort. Our wedding felt like a wedding because it was during mass and it has the same things done and said that it has for 2000 years (for the most part) and same goes it with funerals. A long time ago my aunt asked me to speak at my grandmother's funeral whenever that should happen and I am very honored. I have already written what I want to say because it is important to me that I say everything right not be clouded by grief and not get it right. I have seen and heard a lot of people's wishes carried out at their funeral and I am always curious what is important to people. How they want to be remembered.

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Matt said...

My dad always complains that he's going to miss the great food he wants us to serve at his funeral!