Freaky Friday

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In my first Freaky Friday post I told you about my cousin's little boy who talked to my grandpa (who is dead).

The little boy's parents (my cousins) were very neat people. They kept their house clean and taught the kids from an early age to keep their toys picked up. One day completely out of the bloom my cousin noticed that the little boy's trucks were out and all over the floor of his room early in the morning when she was getting him up and around for the day. Knowing that they had been put away from bed she figured he got up sometime in the night and wasn't sleepy and decided to play. It happened a few other times in the next week or so pretty sporadically but enough that she noticed it was happening regularly. She decided to ask the little boy what he was doing with his trucks in the middle of the night (mind you he is not yet 3 years old).

The little boy told his mom that GP came and visited him sometimes at night and he liked to play trucks with him. This being the first time that the mom had heard the little boy talk about GP she wasn't really sure what to say. She started to ask questions but like a Tupperware lid he snapped shut and didn't talk about it any more and moved on to a different topic. When she pressed a little further he told her he didn't know and again changed the subject. This was the start of the GP stories that the little boy told and it continued for about a year and then suddenly stopped.

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