Understudy Bridesmaid

My SIL is getting married this summer to her high school sweet heart. We love her soon to be husband and he has felt like family forever. Long story short SIL did not ask me to be a bridesmaid but instead asked me to be her personal attendant. I was hurt b/c I felt like we were more like sisters than that. She was in my wedding, she lived with me for a year, I have been in her family for over 10 years, etc, etc. I told her my feelings were hurt, she felt bad, but was set on having her BFF's be the ones standing at the alter with her (she is having 5 bridesmaids). Fast forward several months and all was well. I got over it and was excited to help with the planning.

Then a couple of days ago I saw her facebook status and it said something about being super stressed about the wedding and something about not everything was going smoothly for the first time. So being the good sister I called her to see what was up and how I could help. Little did I know the "how I could help" part was going to be key.

One of SIL BFF's brothers just got engaged and are planning on getting married in Vegas on the same day so she had to bow out. So here I am trying to convince SIL that this isn't that big of a deal. She can have the Best man stand at the alter with the groom, she can had two guys escort one girl, or she can ask one of her other BFF's to stand in. Then there was this awkward pause where she starts to say that if I want to say no she completely understands but she really wants to ask me to be a bridesmaid.

My response was of course. I want her to be happy and I want things to go smoothly for me and it doesn't matter if that means I am standing outside handing out programs or in the front of the church besides her. Where ever she needs me that is where I will be. I am not some sort of hero because in all honesty I am kind of secretly thrilled. It's like the understudy who worked their butt off and then the lead gets hurt and the spotlight is now yours. In my SIL's defense if I was in her situation I probably would have done the same thing. I am sure that she and her future husband were going to have 6 bridesmaids I would have been next in line (shh, just let me go with this) and now here it is. The wedding is saved and everything is as it should be. (Bret said...see I knew everything would work out the way is was supposed to.)

Then I saw the "Dress" that I am supposed to wear and I started to panic. I have to say that I have been slacking in the slightest in the exercise and diet area and it was kind of nice to not have to worry about looking like the skinny hot college students that will be standing next to me. So I ran 3 miles last night and have started a major low carb, low cal diet, and started looking at tanning places for a good deal. I will keep you posted on the progress (or lack there of as I start to panic).


pj said...

Your much better than I am. I would have grabbed my brother by the throat if he didn't ask me to be in any of his weddings! You must be in good shape to just pick up and run three miles, broad street run first weekend in may!

Adriana said...

I ran 3 miles but it wasn't exactly pretty. LOL. I actually started a walk/run program about a year ago and it took me this long to get to the point where I wouldn't die running and I love it. It is just really hard to find the time so I am not very consistent b/c I don't like to run by myself. I have never ran a race before and am totally intimidated by the idea of it.