So getting up early for Lent has gotten a little lax lately. Bret is working a rotation where he isn't having to get up quite as early and so my motivation has waned slightly. It was easier to get my butt out of bed when he was up first but now the idea of getting up before him has not really sat well with my internal clock that begs for a few more minutes. I hate this because I heard myself this morning rushing the kids around and mentally keeping my self from yelling "LET'S GO!!!" or "HURRY UP". Ugh

I showed a friend a picture of the dress that I am supposed to wear and she pointed out something that hadn't hit me before...the dress is totally designed for the 5'8 or taller type of girls that are also bridesmaids...not the 5 foot nothingness of me. If you don't believe me please feel free to check out the dress for yourself at David's Bridal. The style code is D18293 and the dress is in Apple RED. My MIL mentioned that "so and so" is bigger than you and bustier and the dress looked nice on her although she did look like she might fall out a bit but I am sure with a good bra you will be just fine. Thanks, I feel so much better. Her intention is in the right place...right?

Bret had stay late last night so he didn't get home until after 7 and by the time we had dinner and got the kids off to bed it was getting late. My two running buds were not available so after much begging and pleading I finally convinced Bret to "walk" with me. Luckily since he is over 6 ft tall he has long legs and his "brisk" walk is comparable to my "slow" jog. It was something at least.

This weekend is the first weekend Bret has not worked in almost a month and we are all so excited. I think we might take a trip to the aquarium as we haven't been there before. I have heard different opinions on whether the NJ or Baltimore one is better. Thoughts? Hopefully I will have some fun pictures to post soon as our other adventure for the weekend is to get family photos taken. Fun, fun!


Up Rooted said...

I've heard the Baltimore is really good. Haven't heard anything on the NJ one.

pj said...

The baltimore one is not in jersey, so baltimore wins! It is a fun place to vist and if distance is not an issue than balt would be the better option. In my opinion of course.

Adriana said...

PJ- What's wrong with NJ? I happen to like the Jersey shore...oh no is my KS roots starting to show?