Totally Awkward Tuesdays- Pee Triolgy Part 2

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The apartment I lived in during college was what they call a jack in the box apartment. (I have no idea why). The main room had the living room and an eat in kitchen. Then on either side of the apartment there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. Because of how the weird way the rooms were laid out one of the bedrooms on each side had their closet outside of their room next to the bathroom.

As I mentioned before my roommates had a variety of over night guests and things sometimes got a little crazy at our place. One morning (it was REALLY early like before 6 am. Everyone in the apartment was awoken to one of our roommates YELLING at a guy. The poor guy was standing in the living room and it was obvious that he had had a ROUGH night. We (wandering out in our PJ's) had no idea what the hell was going and were a little annoyed that we had been woken up so early in the morning.

It didn't take but a moment for our roommate to realize that we were all staring at her trying to figure out what the hell happened.

Roommate- "This drunk asshole pissed the bed"

Drunk- hangs his head

Roommate- "Dumb ass shows up and wakes me up wanting to stay over, I let him and what does he do? Piss the F#$@%*# bed. One minute I am asleep and the next I wake up to a warm wet bed."

We all stare at the two of them not sure what to say or do but are trying desperately not to laugh.

Roommate- "But that is not the worst of it."


Roommate- "This jackass gets lost on the way to the bathroom and wanders into my closet and PISSES on my clean clothes. There are piles of dirty clothes EVERYWHERE but of course he decides that the best place to piss would be on the entire laundry hamper of folded clean clothes."

Ok so all of us agree that that totally sucks. We were poor lazy college students that rarely did laundry. To have finished a couple of weeks worth of laundry and then have someone piss all over it is unforgivable. However, we felt kind of bad for the guy who was totally humiliated not sure what he should do. So roommate finished chewing the guy out and then he left. We all thought it was kind of funny that this happened to said roommate because she has some serious bitchy attitude going on. As she scrubbed her mattress and started laundry all over again (because drunk piss has a very distinct smell that was permeating our apartment) we laughed to ourselves, felt just a smidge sorry for the dude that we never saw again, and went back to bed.


Tova Darling said...

Oh gross!!! Sounds like you needed clearly labeled, drunk-friendly neon signs that pointed to the bathroom. :)

raf said...

Poor guy!He probably quit drinking after that!

Adriana said...

Tova- I was thinking locks on the closet door would have worked too. Or just not having completely drunk guys staying over would work. :)

Raf- For some reason I doubt it. He probably went and told his frat brothers that he pissed all over some girls clothes and they would have thought it was funny...guys.

pj said...

Oh man. He was probably mad at her for something and did it on purpose. I would hate to be known as the pee guy.