The Rumor Mill

This weekend I took the kids and waited in a ridiculously long line to get my PA drivers license. Yes, I have lived her for almost two years and still had my KS drivers license. I also know that this is totally totally wrong but here in PA you have to have a ton of documentation to get it and it took me a while to get everything gathered together. (You know your not in KS anymore when you need your current drivers license, birth certificate, social security card, marriage certificate, two proofs of address, and current insurance card to get a drivers license...in KS you only need your current drivers license and proof of address).

So as the children and I (yes I had to take them b/c Bret was working) were standing in this incredible line I saw a familiar face.

Ok first off I know I couldn't believe it either when I took out my blackberry and pretended to check my email and kind of hid it behind Emily's head who was standing in front of me on the stroller and second off I thought about zooming in for a second shot but even I have a little smidge of decency left.

I happen to live in the same town as the Gosselin family. In fact the new $1.4 million dollar home they moved into recently? It was sold to TLC from my OB/GYN and I have been in it before they moved into it. Kate actually used to work as a labor and delivery nurse at the same hospital that Bret works in. That said it is kind of sad to say that people around here don't like her at all for the most part. Something about the other side of the story that know one really knows. The "people" that she talks about as wanting to "reduce" the number of implants are actually really good doctors that I personally know and that is not exactly how they remember the conversations going either. Something about taking medication in ways she was advised not to and so on. I don't know the whole story and have heard only bits and pieces of it all. I have heard some really sad stories about the efforts that people she worked with had put forth when they were asking for help and being turned down because things weren't new or matching (sound familiar...her dad's church maybe?).

The most recent has been about Jon and his less than upstanding outings while at some of the local bars. The truth is I don't know the whole story. I have heard (from some of the nurses) everything from they are getting a divorce and he has been messing around to he went out and just had a couple of drinks and posed for some pictures. Either way I feel sorry for them all. Marriage and raising kids is hard work. I cringe at the thought of letting a national TV audience into that private circle no matter how much they pay me. I know that I can be super bitchy and I have my days and to the outside world that could perceived in a thousand different ways. At the end of the day they are parents to some really great kids and for THEIR sake I hope that they find away to fight for their marriage. I worry about their ability to sustain their current life style. What happens when the kids decide they want their life back and that they are done having no privacy what so ever?

I am always interested to see what other people think. I know that before I moved here my perspective was totally different. If you are interested in learning more about "the other side" of the story check out Gosslins Without Pity. They do a good job of focusing their concern on the well being of the kids while dispelling the idea that they are something more than what they really are. I also applaud them for staying out of the rumor mill when it comes to Jon's fidelity.


Up Rooted said...

In Texas you need all that documentation too. Only you get your license in the mail. So you go and get everything done then they send the information to Austin and about 4 weeks later you get your new license in the mail. So for those 4 weeks you have to carry a slip of paper with no photo id on it that proves you are legal to drive.
If its a renewal they cut the corner on your old license so you have a photo id and then your new one is also mailed in about 2 weeks.

Angel said...

Despite what the tabloids or the rumors are saying only two people know what is going on in their marriage and that would be Jon and Kate. On the other hand they do put their lives out there for us to watch so rumors and what not are expected. Their reality show is no different than say Big Brother or The Bachelor, people will gossip and complain one way or another on things they hear about the show. For their kids sake I do hope they are able to work out any issues they have. They need to remember they put themselves in the spotlight and it is hard to live a "normal" life with cameras following you and documenting your every move.

Adriana said...

Up Rooted- In PA I got a DL that says Temporary on it until the real one comes in two weeks in the mail but it looks just like a DL otherwise...are the lines that long in TX? We waited almost 2 hours and it blew!

Angel- I agree I am not sure you could pay me enough to have cameras follow me around let alone the kids. These reality shows look like are becoming more popular though with 12 for dinner and the Duggars. Although I think the Duggars are in a whole different league than the Gosselins.

Up Rooted said...

They're long and a lot of people don't know which line to stand in. When you get to the front of the line if there's something you need to fill out you have to exit the line and fill it out. But they give you a pass to move to the front of the line.
Our issue was that when we got everything done their computer system crashed and it was the end of the day. So everyone was standing around hoping the system would come back up.