Totally Awkward Tuesdays

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We travel a lot with the kids. As such we have become almost pro's at kid traveling whether it is on a plane, car, bus, or even a huge cruise ship. One of the "keep the busy/quiet" that I planned for our plane trip back to Kansas was to down load some kid albums to my ipod and Bret's iphone. We knew the kids loved music as we listen to CD's in the car all the time but had never tried head phones on the plane before.

As we are pulling out of the Harrisburg terminal for our first connection to Chicago Bret puts the head phones on Emily and turns on my ipod. She is sits and listens for a minute and then out of no where she said "IT'S A LITTLE LOUD!!!" at almost a yell. Half of the plane started cracking up as Bret scrambles to turn down the volume. A few minutes later and Emily is singing her heart out to Old Mac Donald, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and just about every other children's song you can think about. Lucky for us the people around us thought it was cute.

Stay tuned for a fun "You know your back in KS when" top ten list.


pj said...

Welcome back. I find myself listening to raffi (kids music) even when my daughter is not in the car. Such catchy tunes.

Moi said...

so cute! great idea though to keep the kiddos busy!