Freaky Friday

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I may have mentioned that Bret lived in a fraternity while going to college. What you didn't know is that the house their fraternity lived in used to be a hospital in the mid nineteen hundreds.

One of the first nights after Bret and I first started dating his fraternity was having a party. It was also Bret's birthday. My girlfriends and I showed up at the party and I remember telling her "either this guy is an alcholic or he is really dumb" due to the number/amount of drinks he was consuming over a short period of time. Turns out it was the latter.

Bret's room was on the third floor of the frat house and in the far corner of the building. In fact his closet used to be part of the elevator shaft and it was less than glamorous. After getting Bret settled in for the night I took the couch. Yes I am that good girl.
During the middle of the night I kept hearing scratching on the walls. Bret also had (yes he still has this) a pop bottle collection of old glass pop bottles and they were displayed in part on the window sill of his room. These bottles started moving around and clinking. I was totally freaked out and wasn't sure if maybe I had a little to much to drink also (or something was in my drink?) or if I was just freaking myself out but I was scared shitless. So I moved to the floor on the opposite side of the room and finally passed out. The next morning I woke up and was FREEZING. Bret too woke up shortly there after and asked me "why did you open the window so far last night. Seeing that my eyes were big as saucers he figured out that it was most likely not me that opened the window during the night when it was 30 degrees outside.

"Oh, it must have been George." Bret replied. WTF?!?! George is the friendly ghosts that haunts the fraternity that used to be a hospital. Legend has it that he fell out of bed and got trapped between his hospital bed and the wall and was never found until he died. Some of his common showings was opening and closing locked doors/windows, turning on and off the lights, turning on the electricity for the ENTIRE house when there was neighborhood outage at 4pm so that he could watch Star Trek, and random other weird things (like moving glass bottles and making scratching noises on the wall). OK I am pretty freaked out. Due in part to my huge fear of running into George again (and in part to the fact that the house was not that pleasant to stay in aka 30 guys and random girls) we RARELY ever stayed overnight in the frat house again. However inevitably George seemed to like me a lot because he always showed up too in varying degrees. Happy Freaky Friday!

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