Freaky Fridays

So today marks the second week of Freaky Friday. If you would like to participate write a story (it doesn't have to be true but at least let us know if your not sure or if it didn't happen to you) that will make the hair on the back of your neck raise up and give you goose bumps. Then link back to this blog and leave a comment letting me know you participated. I know I have some readers that don't have their own blog so either leave your short short story in the comments or email it to me and I will post it for you at adriana.heskett@gmail.com.
An old college roommate and his wife lived in NC in an older house for a few years. About a year ago his wife told this amazing story that happened to them
It was the middle of the night and wife kept hearing the toilet run and then shut off. You know how sometimes the flapper sticks so the toilet keeps running because it can't get full. Well that was what it was doing but instead of running constantly it would run for a minute and then shut off then run again a few minutes later. Wife got up once and stumbled into the bathroom to jiggle the handle and it stopped for a few minutes so she went back to bed. Just as she got back into bed it started running again then stopping then running. Annoyed and just wanting to get some sleep she decided to check it out further.

She went to the bathroom and flipped the light on and took the lid off the toilet and this is what she found.

Wife said that it took less than a second for her to be on top of the bathroom sink screaming even though it was 3 am and she was half asleep. Her drowsy husband had no idea what the heck was going. So they contacted animal control and were told to do this.

Yep they told them to put ice in the tank because the cold would make it sleepy. So they did.

And this is what the snake thought about that idea.
It got PISSED! It started to his and act like it was going to strike and yep it started to try and get out and yes that is a curtain rod that he is using to try and contain it. What would you use?

So here is a picture of my roomie in all of his glory in the middle of the night trying to contain a huge snake.

They finally got it out of the house and got back to bed and had a really restful night. NOT! I don't think I would ever have been able to sleep again in that house. Luckily they moved not long later. I don't know about you but I don't think I will ever remove the lid to the back of the toilet again. Happy Friday!

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pj said...

That is crazy! He is wearing shorts! I have no idea what I would do. My goal is to figure out how to do links via my phone this weekend, that way I can link back here as well.

Sarah Smith said...

That may now be my new worst nightmare!

Up Rooted said...

That totally feaks me out.

Up Rooted said...

Oh and I just got done posting my freaky friday story for ya too.