Although there are many things that I love about working in higher education one of the top three is that sometimes we get snow days. Yesterday was such a day. It is like being a kid all over again. Walking up early to watch the news and then finding out that you get to go back to bed. AWESOME. It' s not just that you get an extra day off from work but the everything that goes into it too. It is a day to stay home in your PJ's and just bum. Too yucky to go anywhere.

So yesterday me and the two kids made a big breakfast (waffles..yum), went outside to play in the snow, drank hot chocolate with marshmallows, played board games, watched a movie, and made cookies. How perfect of a day is that? These are the same things I did as a kid when we had snow days too. Yes the house could be cleaned and laundry could be done. I have a ton of thank you cards to write and I could always find a million other things that NEED to be done. On snow days though we just hang out and spend time together.

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