Say Cheese

The school I work at has this campaign going on called "faces". Essentially what they are trying to do is show that they are a small and intimate campus. We want new students to feel like they know the people who work here. So to help with this process we have pictures of our staff and students EVERYWHERE. They are on our website, on posters, and around campus. We even have our pictures posted outside our office doors next to our name. I LOVE this idea. I think it is neat that we have awesome pictures of people everywhere. The downside is that I too have to have my picture taken and posted.

The good news is that one of our best history teachers is also a photographer on the side. So every week he has a couple of hours set up to stop by and have your picture taken. I have seen so many people's pictures turn out awesome. In fact I haven't really seen a bad picture of anyone yet. So last week I was told that I could delay the inevitable no more. In the past he had been set up for pictures on Tuesday so I planned to have my picture taken that day. I had my hair fixed super cute and wore one of my favorite outfits. Except he didn't send out his email stating where he was going to be that day. I figured oh well maybe next week. The next day we got the email. My hair was not as fabulous and I was not thrilled with what I had on. The response from my boss was that if I didn't like the pictures I could get them retaken as many times as I wanted to later. For now I must go and get it over with. So I went and here is the results. They are OK. I do plan to go back b/c in all it took less than 10 minutes and it was kind of fun. Just one of the many perks of working in higher education (it is definitely not the pay).

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Moi said...

I think your pics are great! I feel for you though- I dont think I would like my pic on my door outside my office! ..but at my work they think its funny to take horrible pictures of me and put them on my desktop, thats what I get for working with a bunch of jokesters.....