Flying Mouse

I loath doing laundry. I really loath doing it since to get to the old quarter style machines in our building you have to go outside and into the basement..in the cold. Emily has this little Rose Petal cottage that has a little play washing machine and one time I found it in the middle of the hallway. I asked her what it was doing there and with a completely straight face she told me "mom, washing machines don't go in the house"...like duh?

So last night I had about five loads of laundry to do. Bret had left for work and I only had one load of whites left in the dryer that I needed to go get. Of course I flipped on the outside light and I started down the first step and I thought I saw something scurry. There are not a lot of things that freak me out but scurrying things do. More importantly mice do. I know how silly it must sound for a grown person to be afraid of a tiny mouse. My husband once asked me what was the worst that it could do. In my mind touching me or biting me is my paralyzing fear.

So last night I told myself that it was nothing and took another step. Just as this happened the little sucker came straight for me and jumped over a step and was almost touching me. Needless to say I was back in my house with the door shut and bolted so fast that I didn't even have time to scream. I had no idea that mice could jump like that and so fast. My heart was racing and I was trying not to panic as I paged Dr. Heskett at the hospital (yes paging is for emergencies and yes this was an emergency). He just laughed and tried to tell me that he was sure it was gone by now. I was wondering to myself how I was going to sleep by myself that night. Dr. Heskett finally agreed to get the laundry in the morning when he got home from work. It was good thing I had my book to fall asleep reading too (I heart you Eric) because I can only imagine the nightmares I might have had otherwise about the flying mouse that was going to get me in my sleep.

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Julia@SometimesLucid said...

I feel you on that! I would not open that door for anything!