Sorry Edward you have been replaced

Ok not really..I still love you but my new love is just....more. More sexy, more mysterious, more make me blush. As mentioned in my Christmas wish list post I wanted new books. Specifically I wanted the Sookie Stackhouse series books. These books are a Vampire series for adults (very much adult ;) Being the good husband that Dr. Heskett is he took my list with him (literally on his iphone he was looking for the pictures I posted) and got me the series (minus the last book but that wasn't his fault because it was not listed in all of the books cover) and I finished 6 of the 8 books.

I. LOVE. THEM. The books became popular because HBO started a new series this past fall called True Blood. The show is OK. I like it but some of the characters are annoying in my opinion and the lead hot guy (or at least in the beginning) is not as HOT as I would have dreamed him to be. This OK though because my heart strings are pulled by Eric.

Back story: In the books/show the Japanese invent synthetic blood intended to be used for trauma patients in ambulances. Low and behold that in addition to this use the Vampire community comes out of the closet because they are no longer a threat to humans because the synthetic blood satisfies their needs (sort of). Anyhoo, Eric is a Viking with long blond hair (never thought I would think that was sexy), piercing blue eyes, a sexual appetite that cannot be satisfied, and this bad boy attitude that has a strange and perplexing softness for the lead lady, Sookie. Problem is that this has never happened to him, she is kind of with Bill who works for him, and thus you see the crazy love triangle that has yet to really develop on the show.

I think the funny thing for me is that I almost never root for anyone but the main character. I never thought twice that Bella should be with Eric, in the notebook I was rooting for Noah since the beginning, and in every other love story that I have loved I didn't care who would be hurt as long as they ended up together. In this case I loath Bill and cheer for Eric. I love the electric connection between the two of them and I hope for Bill to do something wrong so that Sookie will find her way to Eric. OK, enough of my filling in spaces with my own hopes. I have started to slow in my reading of the final books because I am starting to worry that my hopes of them ending up together are starting to look dashed at best. I will always hold on to my own ending and hope that in this one case the movie will agree with me and choose Eric (who knows maybe the author came to her senses and some crazy plot change will push them together). In the meantime you should really check out the books or at least the series...although I must warn you that the books don't get GREAT, FANTASTIC, BEST EVER until book 3. Up until then they are just good.


Cora said...

I must be the only person on the planet who hasn't read the Twilight Series yet. It's getting a tad embarrassing too. I sooo need to get on that! I feel utterly left out!

By the way, there is an award for you on my blog. Enjoy! And have a great weekend! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well hell, I haven't read it either. But I think I may need to pick it up...I love a good steamy junk novel. :)

Just wanted to let you know, I FINALLY blogged and did my award. Thank you much for it. It actually meant a lot to me to get it from you.