Wait it can't be Monday yet...

I still have so much to do. My weekends have not been what I have wanted/needed them to be. Bret has worked the last two weekends and works this upcoming weekend as well. I usually use my weekends to get the house clean, catch up on laundry, run errands, get groceries, etc, etc. This weekend just got away from me way to fast and my usually on top of it attitude was no where to be found. I realized Saturday was not going to be a productive day the moment my throbbing head reminded me that I don't recover quite so quickly from a "night out" the way it used to. Of course we had a birthday party to go to with a ton of kids running around and squealing with joy at having so much fun making me insane with a nasty hang over. The one good thing is that both of my kids were actually looking forward to nap time today because they too had stayed up late the night before and were wore out from running around at the bday party. So of course we all took a wonderful afternoon nap. We then took dinner to Bret at the hospital came home and went to bed.

Sunday continued to along the same path of unproductivity. Emily had her church's Christmas pageant and I have to say I was a little disappointed. The pageant was cute but Emily's class (pre-k) only rang bells as they came into the gym and then again when they left. THAT. WAS. IT. I was surprised b/c at that age they can learn a short song or saying or anything. So Bret, Palmer, and I sat for over an hour to see her ring a bell for 2 minutes. At least a 3 minute song would have felt worth it. At least she look cute in her adorable Christmas dress. After lunch I went running. Yes I said running. A good friend of mine was really into running and lost all of this weight as she training for a marathon last year. Since then she has sort of gotten out of the habit and the weight has crept back on. She is now starting her training for a half marathon and needed someone to go with. I have this rule with myself that if someone asks me to workout if it is at all possible I never say no. So thus I ran 4.2 miles in just under an hour and survived. I am not a runner. I am 5 ft tall and have never been "in shape" let alone capable of running but in the past year or so I have gradually worked my way into not hating working out. That is about the best I can say for exercise. Needless to say that upon my return home I found my kids have just fallen asleep and my post call husband heading for nap. Let's see take a nap with hubs or clean the house or do laundry.

It is not like our house is a dump or anything it just needed cleaned. I have about 5 loads of laundry to do and we need groceries. I hate having to try and catch up over the week. It just adds stress. Hubs know how crazy this drives me so last night he calmed me down by promising to pick up groceries on his way home and helping with cleaning while I tend to the laundry. This made me feel loads better but we shall see what actually gets accomplished. If there is one thing I have learned in our crazy life is that sometimes something has to give. Rather than it being my sanity, fun with the kids or hubs, I have learned that it is ok if there are dishes in the sink for a day, or that the vacuum can wait. So after my 3 mile run tonight we may or may not have clean socks to wear tomorrow and that is ok.

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