Dear Dr. Heskett

As I have mentioned in past posts my husband doesn't like to tell me what he wants for Christmas and he usually doesn't like for me to tell him what I want either. So taking his advice this year I didn't even ask and I definately didn't tell him. I think that this year I out did myself. I keep to the budget but I found gifts that he has wanted for years and things he didn't even realize he wanted. There are two no three gifts that I know he is just going to die over. A couple of them I had to order online and they came early. I have such a hard time waiting and usually just give the gifts early but no...this year I held tight. I don't think you realize how hard it has been for me not to run up to him and say LOOK. WHAT. I. GOT. YOU!! because I know that he is going to be that excited.

The kids are all bought for and are going to be equally excited about their gifts. I had gotten Emily just about everything that she really really wanted and then the other day Bret had asked her what she wanted and she "Camera, Camera, Camera...like a real camera where you can see the picture on the back." Now mind you she had mentioned this before and I had planned to get her one. It was the only on BF that I didn't get b/c it was the third store I went to. I was at Toys 'R Us the other day and they were $50. I was not going to spend $50 on a camera for a 4 year old. Then on one little display I found a gold Hanna Montanna one that was marked (I kid you not) 60% off. Probably b/c it is kind of ugly..but who cares? So now the kids are done.

Bret's sister and her fiance are coming to spend the holidays with us and she was easy to buy for. The fiance is much harder and I need to figure out somethings to get him. That just leaves little ol me to buy for. I must admit that there are two gifts under the tree already that Santa put my name on. Otherwise Dr. Heskett is responsible for this responsibility. Although he has not asked me I figure what could it hurt to place my wanted ideas on MY blog. He claims that he never reads it. When I asked why he said b/c he gets the joy of listening to me in person . Dr. Heskett has been known to ask friends and family for an suggestions so now all of you have some ideas so no excuses. So without further ado here is my Christmas List for Dr. Heskett.

1. Sookie Stackhouse Box Set- I have been promised to be able to borrow these books from multiple sources but have yet to get them.

2. Perfume- small bottle of his choice (super small in case I don't like it..I don't have anything in mind so I am open minded) I suggest the designer fragrance outlet at VF...best prices in town.

3. Waffle Iron- We had a really nice one that we received as a wedding gift but when we moved from KS to PA it was lost never to be found.

4. A blender- Again lost in transit. I have the best recipe for margaritas and I can't even use it...I am dying here. (Bonus would be if it was tangerine..yes my kitchen is tangerine)

5. Jewelry- Seriously any kind of jewelry would be awesome. New earrings, necklace, ring, or even a charm bracelet would be awesome (bonus if you got me a charm bracelet you would have a new standby for all of the other holidays/occasions you wait till the last minute for)

6. Shoes, shoes, shoes...I would take a new pair of black boots, dress shoes or new running shoes. I wear a size 7 and if they are too big/small I will just take them back. Dr. Heskett needs to move past his fear of buying shoes and clothes...because I love shoes and clothes. These are all from the Naturalizer outlet at VF...a good place to start.
7. Again get over your issue with buying clothes. (I got over my issues with ordering things online and I even bid on ebay for you.) I would love a new black sweater. Just remember cowl neckline or scoopneck and you will be fine. (just keep your receipt just in case and I would like a large size)
8. A new purse. We live right next to the Dooney & Bourke and Coach outlets need I say more?
9. Godiva..enough said.
10. Work out clothes...again large and nothing sleeveless.
Hopefully if you need ideas you have found a few here. Of course I always remember that it is the thought that counts.

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