Totally invented by a man

Friday night was Bret's holiday party for the department. Originally we were not going to be able to go b/c he was scheduled to work. Then on Wednesday he called me on my way home from work to let me know that one of the other residents had something planned that fell through and didn't want to go to the party so she switched with Bret...aka we can go now. Bret was really excited and I was too busy trying to think of all the things that I needed to do. I needed to figure out something to wear, find a babysitter, get my haircut, etc.

I stopped by the Penney's outlet on my lunch hour the next day and found the cutest little black dress and it was marked down from $120 to $29.99..perfect. I also picked up a spanx which I had heard great things about. Found a babysitter and got ready with no issues. The spanx really does work wonders. For those (like me before) who have no idea what a spanx is it is a bodysuit that helps to smooth over not so pretty fat and helps as a strapless bra b/c you have much more support (very important for us busty girls to make sure our girls look ok in a strapless dress).

The party was fun (open bar, good food, and good music). The residents every year put together the entertainment for the night which usually consists of some sort of spoof or roast of the attendings. This year they created a video teasing the residents for their typical wardrobe quirks. The idea was a fashion show to show the med students what was/wasn't appropriate. The residents dressed up as the attendings and made masks with the attending's faces on them. It was a hilarious and it wasn't mean. Some classes in the past have caused hurt feelings but this year even the attendings were wiping tears from laughing so hard. Overall it turned out great.

About halfway through the night after several yummy drinks I made my way to the ladies room. I got into the bathroom and as panic started to creep up I suddenly realized that I was stuck. Literally. The spanx that I had worn under my dress for the evening had no zipper or snaps. It was one piece that had to be slipped on from the bottom. With the dress over it I was going to need to unzip my dress and I couldn't quite reach the hook at the top. I don't know how long it really took me but it felt like forever (at least a good ten minutes) to figure a way to get out of the dress and spanx so that I could pee (which was urgent by this point). The drinks definitely didn't help and neither did the hard to zip/unzip dress but when I finally found my way out of the bathroom my husband was looking for me with a concerned look on his face. You know it had taken a long time b/c hubs never comes looking for me. When I gave him a brief explanation as to what the hold up was he laughed and said next time he would help..I did not appreciate his jovial attitude.

I decided that only a man would design an article of clothing without really coming up with an easy way to pee. Who doesn't know that a woman (especially on a night out where there will be drinks) will need to go to the bathroom during the course of the evening and that getting completely naked to do so is not exactly convenient. Ugh...I should have just worn slacks.


Angel said...

So I just went and checked out the website, looks interesting. I have a couple questions first and most importantly is it itchy, I hate pantyhose because they are so itchy, so how itchy is it? Next, you mentioned you got a body suit, how far does your go down your legs? I like the cami's so I think I am going to get one of those to start but depending on how itchy I may get more. Let me know.

Tova Darling said...

Oh no! Good thing you got out of it before it became... messy!

Adriana said...

Tova- Ha Ha...yes messy would have been bad...OMG I can't even imagine how embarrassing that would have been

Angel- No not itchy at all...very silky feeling..the body suit came to about 3 inches above my knees, kind of like biker shorts. I loved it b/c it didn't poke or anything either. Very nice except the issue of going to the bathroom. I am still not sure I would have gone with two seperate pieces b/c I like the fact that it is seamless and you can't even tell you have anything on.